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You took the original and extended it into what it should've been in the first place and made it sound much better.

Now excuse me while I go play this game with the sound muted and this looping in the background endlessly.

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Under Appreciated

While it doesn't sound human as was mentioned before, I feel that worked to this songs advantage since it kept with the original quite nicely. When I was listening to the first part I was disappointed there were no drums, but then at that halfway point they kicked in and it just started feel like everything was a lead up to the truly epic second half. It's amazing what a little drums can do to an already awesome arrangement. I just wish there was a little bit more bass to it.

The only question I have is how the hell does this song only have 220 listens? It definitely deserves a hell of a lot more then that.

KennethBoxall responds:

Glad you loved it, many of my songs I put drums half way to bring more interest into the song. I'm not sure why most of my songs never get views. I've tried letting people know but hey you know how music goes. It's either they love you, hate you or just don't care.

Pretty nice

At first listening to it, I thought "This isn't every good..." but then the bell kicked in and gave me a reason to stay. I think it would sound better at around 1:11 when the piano (I think it's a piano anyways) kicks in with the accompanying strings, if the string were to fade out quickly instead of abruptly ending.

Chronamut responds:

yeah this was a crappy version on my part - I rmember thinking so even as I made it - I should redo this.

thanks for the review!


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